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Dear visitors, we invite you to visit Gostiny Dvor (rest home) "Ermak" which is located in Muromtsevsky district – in northern area of the Omsk region. There is the real Siberian pine forest in twenty metres from a rest house. It takes 15 minutes of slow walk to the well-known Siberian river "Irtysh". Thanks to remoteness from a city, air is pure and useful here. You can take pleasure in fishing and hunting the whole year round. Near to Gostiny Dvor "Ermak" there are well-known «Five Lakes», and also the power centre in village Okunevo.

The furniture made by request and phone in each number create the cosiness and comfort in numbers of our rest house. Rather the small amount of numbers and guests provides individual attention to each of our visitors.

In a 2-storeyed building there are 11 numbers of a various comfort category. Quantity of the basic places – 22, a maximum quantity of places taking into account additional ones – 32.
The cafe with a bar on 32 places is located on the ground floor. Here you can taste the real Russian cuisine: the Siberian mushrooms, flavoured wood berry, berry juices and jams from natural products. Water moves from own well of 100 metres depth. You also can book service in room.

Except cafe on the ground floor there is billiards, tennis, hookah room.
On the territory of the rest house there is traditional Russian baths made from felling of coniferous breeds of wood. Here is a banquet hall, two showers, two cloakrooms, swimming pool. On the second floor there are 4 ecologically pure summer numbers.
Territory of the rest house "Ermak" is protected by security service.
Foreign visitors can be taken our rest house by a comfortable seven-seater minibus directly from the airport.
If the life and customs of Siberians are interesting to you, you can visit the Old Russian log hut, take a part in a wedding ceremony as the groom or the bride and taste pancakes from the Russian stove.
Medicinal baths from a mixture enriched by silver of the northern water and blood of horns of the Altay maral will help to restore your health. Procedure is spent in a special room.

We bring to your attention the following seasonal entertainments:

  • Skis
  • sledge,
  • bicycles,
  • hire of sport ATV,
  • hire of snowmobiles,
  • sightseeing tour on ultralight tricke "Wind".


Healing excursion «Medicinal lakes»

One of legends says that five lakes, located in a taiga in the north of the Omsk region, were formed much thousand years ago as a result of falling of a huge meteorite`s pieces. These lakes are linked by underground waters. Their water is "sacred" – it does not spoil for years. It is called "water of life" for its medicinal properties. There are picturesque shores with pine, birch, and aspen brushwoods. Water of each lake is specific, unique, rich with silver and useful microelements. Mud is medicinal, it has therapeutic influence on skin diseases. There are a lot of berries and mushrooms.

Linevo Lake – is the most visited from all mysterious lakes. Its water is soft, pure, rich with minerals and oxygen. The plenty of water-lilies will surprise you.

Schuchje Lake – is rich with iodine, bromic elements. Its water helps in thyroid gland treatment.

Danilovo Lake – is the deepest lake in these places. Water is pure and transparent, rich with silver. Many legends are connected with the lake. According to one of hypotheses, it was formed in the result of meteorite falling. Local population believe in healing properties of its water.

Shaitan Lake – is the most mysterious. Water in it is unusually dark and silent. Every visitor can see mysterious luminescences, frequent flights of UFO and many other things. It is said that the lake is energetically connected with an underground temple near of Okunevo village.

Excursion «Okunevo – the Power centre»

Okunevo village – is the powerful abnormal power centre. You can become the witness of rare natural phenomena, visit a chapel, think of desire on a holy place, buy amulets. Miracles happen here. According to some researchers, hundred thousand years ago there was an ancient civilisation which unexpectedly was gone on the territory of the western Siberia.
The Russian researchers of the abnormal phenomena are sure also that «the sacral place» is located on «Tatar Uval» (hill). It is a secret gate in the parallel worlds where there is a powerful magic crystal of a sacred monkey of Hanumana. Okunevo is located in a picturesque place – on abrupt bank of the beautiful Tara river. Many years Omsk archeologists conduct excavations, open ancient burial grounds, finding every possible objects of age-old epochs. Recently there was a tremendous find – a skull of an ancient bear.
Villagers have been observing the unusual phenomena here for a long time. These are mysterious luminescences with multi-coloured beams, rising in the night sky, and frequent flights of UFO, and a mysterious origin of a hole-mine near village Porechje to which aliens have taken a hand as researchers of abnormal phenomena believe. Scientists have not doubts that the powerful energy-centre is located near Okunevo village.

Гостиный Дом «Ермак»
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